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Dream Grades was created to help the home schooling family save time, effort and money by taking the pain out of entering grades, classes and subjects every year. By only having to enter your children once and your grade sheet information once Dream Grades frees up your time to do more important things for your children.

Once you complete a grade level Dream Grades will automatically copy your subjects to the next grading year and all you have to do is tweak the information and your ready to go again. Stop wasting time with Excel Files and Templates, use Dream Grades and see the difference it can make for your family.

  • 01.
    no papers to organize
    Everything is stored online and backed up 24/7 so its all there when you need it.
  • 02.
    fast and convienent
    Grab your phone, tablet or computer, log in, enter your info and your data is automatically saved without the need for clicking any buttons, so you can get on with your day.
  • 03.
    yearly OR 3-year membership
    Pay yearly or choose a 3-year membership when you sign-up with Dream Grades! You get all of our updates and additions at no extra charge.

software features

  • user account managment for your children
  • create your own list of subjects or choose from our default list
  • term management of semesters OR quarters
  • add, edit or delete classes for your subjects
  • year-to-year data managment (we copy your necessary grade sheet info for you from year to year)
  • enter grades letters OR percentages
  • report management
  • select one or multiple grade sheets to print for report cards
  • transcript reporting
  • middle school or high school transcripts
  • school year attendence
  • editable grading scale
  • enter assignments / quizzes or test grades
  • no ads


about us

We created Dream Grades out of a need to free up time so we could spend more time with our kids, teaching and training them in the way they should go. The time with our kids is precious and spending hours at the end of a grading term entering grades on an excel file or setting up calculations and printing reports just became tideous at best.

We looked out there for products that would simply do what we needed, enter and keep track of all the subject and classes for our kids and then give us a report at the end OR transcript after they graduated. Short of having to use created Excel files that you could purchase out there, we were still at a loss as to why there was not a better way.

This is how Dream Grades was started, out of a dream to make better use of our time with our kids while still being able to store the important information needed as they grow up. We hope you'll try Dream Grades and see how much easier and how much time it will save you.

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Jennifer Martin

As a homeschooling mom of 5 kids, I was spending too much time entering grades every year. I would spend a few hours entering info for each of my kids and then all the subjects and classes just to get a report card at the end of our year. Dream Grades has made it so easy by keeping all of my child's info and the subjects that we use each year never change, so they follow me year after year. I never have to enter those in again. All I have to enter is classes and grades. Then print the report card to turn in for our testing.

Michelle Smith

I have 6 kids and this software has saved me! I was doing all the grades myself and I was happy doing it. Then, one day my computer crashed and I lost everything on my hard drive, including all my kids' grades. I was devastated and it took me forever to enter everything again. I am so happy to see someone finally keeps our records online in a super easy format. Thank you Dream Grades!

Steve Knoth

I love to keep the technology and software in our house new and up to date, but I hated going online to find an updated excel file each year just to work with the new version of excel, the layout was never right year to year. Then, I had to spend the time to re-type all of my kids info in. We need report cards to turn into our school board for homeschooling. It was such a tedious task. As a home schooling dad, I was on the search for something easier. I ran across this and it's great! Nothing to keep installing on our computers each time we change them and it's always backed up. Awesome product!

Faith Thompson

I needed transcripts for my high schooler and this system made it really easy and printed a great report. I turned in the transcripts to his college counselor and they were impressed. Thank you for making a professional product.